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BICI motor solutions for all the electric mobility requirements. 

Beautiful, compact, powerful, BICI engines provide direct and progressive assistance at any speed, with an energetic boost up to 15.5 mph. 
The position of the engine varies according to the needs of the e-biker. The central configuration is designed for the most dynamic riders and gives extraordinary fun in any situation. The rear engine is designed to give a smooth and safe driving experience to every cyclist. 

  • Highly technological configuration.
  • It includes a torque sensor and an integrated control unit that guarantee energy delivery in proportion to the effort impressed on the pedal. 
  • 90 Nm Torque 
  • The energy modulation is supported by 5 assitance levels freely selectable by the user. 
  • It is a solution that can face slopes up to 30%
  • Engine built-in inside the rear hub. 
  • Suitable for urban routes.
  • Together with a speed sensor, the feeling is that of a soft and effortless pedaling.