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E-RIDE, This Futuristic Vibes

Posted by Yoel Farzan on
E-RIDE, This Futuristic Vibes

Electrical bicycles are not new, but they have become a transformation axis for individuals and cities…

 If you already have one of BICI E-Bikes, feel very proud to be an influencer of this worldwide trend. If you don’t, here are a few reasons why you should.


 The market of electric vehicles is quickly growing; with different applications that you have most likely seen, like public electric-assisted scooters; hybrid/ electric cars, paying fewer taxes and less gas; people buying e-bikes of their own, and more, the trend is here to stay. According to reports from Mordor Intelligence, the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation grew to almost 4 times its size from 2009 to 2019, with pedal-assisted e-bikes leading the market, especially in Europe, where the region holds 39% of the e-bike’s market. (E-bike Market - Growth, Trends, and Forecasts (2021 - 2026)) With an industry expected to be worth 46 Billion USD by 2026, users can expect to see every time better prices, a broad portfolio of products and constant innovation.


 All to the extent of moulding whole cities to have assets that best fit the eco-friendly lifestyle of all e-riders; urbanistic development projects that take into consideration bicycle-friendly roads, eco-friendly paths, lower taxation as a motivation for users to join the trend, public charging stations, and many other solutions are slowly but surely finding a spot in many of the urban spaces hosting electric bicycles. Many cities have started their transformation; “Milan plans to convert 22 miles (35 km) of streets into cycling and walking space over the summer as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted; Paris plans to open up 400 miles of pop-up bike lanes and will convert its biggest cross-city through route into a bike-only highway; Seattle recently announced that it would close 20 miles of streets to most traffic permanently.” (Ricker & Hawkins, 2020) Like these cities, many in Canada take pride in joining the transformation; according to CBC News, Vancouver is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the country (Draper, 2020). 


By making life easier for all e-riders, more are willing to join the band. Just like it happens with motorcycles or sports cars, cult cultures bloom among the various owners and riders. The experience of owning an electrical bike touches the most personal strings, it becomes part of a person’s DNA, and the bikers start getting together to share their knowledge and experiences. It’s not only about going to the office and back, it’s about riding for the joy of doing so. 


To resume, if you are still behind in this one, and you don’t own an all-terrain e-bike yet, hope on the wave because we are witnessing a world-changing trend, one that represents a benefit for the planet, one that is changing the way we build our cities and urban spaces, but for once, one that is doing it the fun way! Reaching a brighter future was never this fun! 

Author: Camilo Sanchez 

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