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E-BIKES’ Propulsion, Choosing your best match

Posted by Yoel Farzan on
E-BIKES’ Propulsion,  Choosing your best match


Now that you are ready to join the Electrical Bikes world, it's time to pick and choose. BICI wants you to get the most out of your selection, propulsion is one of the most relevant things you need to know…

We can all agree to say that a bicycle has the magic of making you feel like a kid again; you generally learn to ride when you’re still a kid and quickly start going out for longer rides just to have fun. However, as we grow up the activities involving a bike take over a much longer list, and every one of us gives a different priority to the need of having a bicycle. Some want to have an eco-friendlier lifestyle and save money, others have their bikes because there is an urgency for energetic adventures, they want all-terrain rides and touring trips.

With the new century and technological advances came the most advanced E-BIKE models, and the kid inside every one of us jumped and added the E-BIKE to Santa’s letter. But, we are now adults with specific needs and desires and not any bike will do. BICI wants you to ride the best bike for you, so here is one of the most important things you should consider:

Pick for your most common terrain:

Running errands, going to the office, weekend friendly rides, and cross-terrain riding & touring; make a shortlist of the multiplicity of reasons to ride. Believe it or not, there is a type of electrical assistance and bicycle structure for each of those.

Not because E-BIKES make pedalling easier does it mean that they’re not meant for exercising. Sporty riders like to use E-BIKES to reach longer distances (touring) or to maintain the speed and feels of freedom when riding; so for this and any other purpose, it’s important to understand the type of propulsion your bike will offer:

  • Pedal-assisted - If you are not competing or trying to get super fit, but you want the physical activity, and you want to focus on the fun of riding a mountain bike, or going on touring adventures, these could be your type of bikes. Pedal-assisted, or pedelec bikes reinforce the power of your own movement, however, these won't propel the rider on its own. Because these E-BIKEs use the riders’ movement to activate the electrical assistance, they tend to provide you with more range. 

  • Throttle-assisted - On the other hand, throttle assisted bikes work more like a conventional motorcycle, where the pilot holds the propulsion on the desired position. The rider decides when to pedal, by doing so they will save battery and increase the range, but, the bicycle can assist in taking over the complete force of movement. These bikes are ideal for urban and/or weekend rides, running errands, and others; the throttle-assisted bicycles quickly engage their owners into fun, eco-friendly lifestyles. 

  • To resume, if you are still behind in this one, and you don’t own an e-bike yet, hope on the wave with little extra knowledge. Pick your bicycle knowing what’s best for the purpose of your rides and your physical capacity, and don’t ever be afraid to take your bike on challenging terrains or for longer distances. 

    Author: Camilo Sanchez 

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